Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gabriola Island

My son and I went over to Gabriola Island for a little summer break with nana and papa, they live over there. We had such a great time. The heat wave hit so we were down in the ocean cooling off, collecting rocks ( a fav thing for me).
My mom is an artist ( http://www.stones-throw.ca/karencain.html)and and has a wonderful studio so Jack was in there creating a holiday journal, printing leaves, painting.
And I finally finished her other quilt for the cottage so I could pass it on. I stippled it and man oh man did it take me awhile... and thread. I'm new to stippling and had no idea how long it would take! But I'm really happy with the results. Now I need to come up with another one for the queen size bed room... hmmmm
The picture of it is on the steps of her cottage www.stones-throw.ca/cottage.html

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