Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So here is one of the first projects I did, a tumbler.
Back almost a year ago we had a new neighbor move in right next door. We hit it off right away... and she was a quilter. She has done some beautiful stuff and as we talked more about it she asked if I wanted to ever try it... I said I had a machine but sewing was really not my thing didn't even know if my machine worked. She took it home, fixed it up and presto, I could now start a project. Then she suggested I convert an extra room in our house to my "sewing room", a few tables, cutting tools I was on my way.

But first she gave me the template to the "tumbler" and her scrap bin ( a huge trunk actually) and said " have at it"! Hand sewing.... had fun but not really my thing... got a lot of tumblers done and then thought I'd change it up and add strips... voila! Backed it with black flannel, love it.

And about the same time we went a guild show and from there I became really addicted to fabric, butting up seams, color, shapes and following over the top creative women blogging and sharing... endless. Beautiful sunny day.. I'm in my sewig room, crazy!

I find myself smiling while I sew... do you?

100% cotton, measures 49 x 36 inches.

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